Donovan C. Young
Senior, Full-Stack Software Engineer
Atlanta, GA, United States / Remote
July 2022    August 2023
Senior Software Engineer
Ruby Ruby-on-Rails JavaScript ReactJS Docker Heroku AWS AWS-S3 AWS-Lambda

LinkSquares is a contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform that helps legal and finance teams work smarter.

Fullstack developer working with Ruby, Rails, ReactJS, and AWS Lambda.

I worked on several projects involved in leveraging internal and external A.I. processes, including:

  • Core Application functionality
  • Read and parse digital documents via AWS Lambda pipelines
  • Application used to correct inconsistencies in the A.I. generated results

Mar 2020    July 2022
Senior Software Engineer
SharpSpring / ConstantContact
Ruby Ruby-on-Rails JavaScript ReactJS Java Docker Heroku GCP GoogleAds AWS AWS-S3

Note: SharpSpring was aquired by ConstantContact in Jan of 2022

Fullstack development on PerfectAudience, SharpSpring Ads, applications and, more recently, the ConstantContact CPE application suite.

Jan 2015    Oct 2019
Principal Software Engineer
Oracle, Inc.
Ruby Ruby-on-Rails Sinatra JavaScript ReactJS Docker Java Apache-kafka micro-services

Development of customer-facing web technologies utilizing Ruby/Rails/Sinatra/Node/Java along with a ReactJS UI.

Additionally, I built a suite of back-end micro-services leveraging Apache's Kafka messenging bus which handled customer notifications (SMTP, SMS, App pop).

Oracle closed the Atlanta development OU in October of 2019, laying off all employees.

May 2011    Jan 2019
Actor / Improv Performer
Whole World Improv Theater
acting improv comedy public-speaking team-building Ruby Ruby-on-Rails

Founded in 1993, The Whole World Improv Theater (WWIT) is best known for creating a unique and hilarious improv experience on the spot based on audience suggestions with no lines and no prepared script. Voted "Best Local Improv Group" by the Sunday Paper, "Best Comedy Club" by AOL City Guide and "Best Theatre" by Atlanta Magazine.

  • I performed live on-stage with the company house troupe most Friday and Saturday nights and MC'ed shows on Thursday nights
  • Designed, developed and maintain (to this day) the "members only" website used by WWIT administration to coordinate shows and schedules, including an auto-scheduler for crew shifts. Written in Ruby on Rails and maintained as part of my developer portfolio
  • Additionally, I implemented a DVR system to digitally record shows and an iMac system to play "shorts" (we call them Renegades)

Oct 2011    Dec 2014
Information Technology Director
Redi-Floors, Inc.
Windows Linux Docstar RFMS Cisco firewalls Ruby Ruby-on-Rails MacOS VPN AWS it-support active-directory MS-server
  • Responsible for all operations and budgeting of the company IT department
  • Wrote and maintained the company website utilizing Ruby on Rails
  • Developed and maintained the in-house REST API for our legacy ERP system
  • I've written several Ruby based programs to interface with our legacy business systems
  • Implemented cloud based online access for website and help desk
  • Designed and Implemented Site-To-Site VPN connections for all remote locations throughout the SouthEast

Sep 2009    Oct 2011
Senior Systems Administrator
VMWare Linux Perl shell Asterisk VOIP Apache
  • Technology administration and back-line support for back-end Linux platforms supporting mission critical customer applications
  • Admin VMware server clusters
  • Day to Day care and feeding of the CentOS servers
  • Build and configuration of those same CentOS servers
  • System CLI development in Perl & Ruby to automate and collaborate with asterisk and to generally help get things done
  • Collaborate with the rest of the teams to keep the gears in motion and well oiled

Feb 2006    Sep 2009
Director of Information Technology
Perl Linux Cisco PIX Nagios VPN firewalls

TechSafari is a small software development and consulting company specializing in advanced consumer credit data analysis.

  • Responsible for the 24x7 management of our primary customer's mission critical technology needs
  • Technical lead for all IT audits with major credit data suppliers
  • Maintained multiple highly available and secure data center facilities
  • Managed multiple data sources containing billions of highly sensitive consumer credit data records
  • Authored and implemented corporate security and disaster recovery policies and procedures
  • Developed and implemented an online monitoring system (using Nagios) to maintain high availability across all servers including custom written monitoring applications for specialized processes.
  • Implemented a robust helpdesk system designed to efficiently manage customer requests reducing task turnaround time and increasing productivity
  • Helped design and implement several custom 24TB high performance SATA array systems for production environments

Mar 2004    Feb 2006
Director of Information Technology
M.S. Lee International, LLC (MSLI)
MS-exchange MS-server BackupExec Watchguard Barracuda firewalls

MSLI was a supplemental health insurance startup founded in 2004 and backed by AIG, Inc. I was part of the initial start-up management team responsible for designing, developing, implementing, and managing all aspects of the corporation's information technology infrastructure from the ground up including all enterprise servers, network backbone, and the data center construction which included redundant environmental control and power backup systems. I was part of a small team which assessed the ability of enrollment firms to work with MSLI as a business partner. This involved traveling to the enrollment companies, interviewing their management team, and evaluating their technology infrastructure.

  • Evaluated, engineered, and managed the complete corporate technology infrastructure
  • Designed and managed all operations of the corporate data center facilities
  • Designed, implemented and managed the corporate internet web site
  • Managed the building access security system for our suite
  • Technical evaluation of outside enrollment firms business practices

MSLI closed for good in February 2006 due to lack of funding

Sep 1998    Mar 2004
Director of Systems Administration
DS Waters of America
Oracle-ERP HP-UX EMC SAN Cisco firewall DNS VPN

Formerly known as "Suntory Water Group, Inc."; re-branded after a major aquisition.

I lead a team of System Administrators and was personally responsible for researching, recommending and purchasing all enterprise hardware in conjuncture with a company-wide migration to Oracle ERP 11i, which included high availability clustering, three tier web technology, a complete storage area network implementation, and high capacity disk array subsystem. In addition, my team maintained the centralized data center facilities including environmental controls and redundant power sources, internet mail bridge, web and ftp proxy services using squid, and DNS services for the company's internet domain "".

Personally responsible for:

  • Managing a team of 14 System Administrators responsible for all aspects of the corporate Unix, Windows, database and computer operations environments
  • Accountable for a multi-million dollar capital and expense budget
  • Hire/Fire decisions and annual employee appraisals

Dec 1993    Sep 1998
Staff Manager
BellSouth Telecommunications (now AT&T)
HP-UX Linux C C++ perl HTML

Lead a team responsible for the installation and conversion of several major software applications. These included Unix on NCR, HP, and Sun systems and the conversion of existing database structures to new platforms.

I was also responsible for upgrading HP-UX 9.04 to HP-UX 10.20 on many of the company enterprise systems.

  • Provided 24 by 7 support for mission critical applications running on HP-UX
  • Responsible for the administration of 60+ networked Unix systems
  • Developed custom software in C and Perl to monitor system functionality
  • Administration of Novel NetWare 3.12 network
  • Developed custom HTML documents for in-house departmental homepage (writing HTML before HTML was cool)
Education & Hobbies
1984    1986
Southern Illinois University

Oct 2018 
Flight School
Centennial Aviation Academy
PPL aviation

I'm working towards my private pilots license (PPL) and currently have ~60 hours of recorded flight training, both instructed and solo. I still intend to complete my training in the near future.

Sadly, I had to put this training on-hold due to the change in my occupational status and then the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other Stuff 

Proud to call myself a Father to three wonderful daughters, all out on their own and doing well.

I'm constantly learning new things, pushing myself to be better than I was the day before.

I also enjoy:
  • SCUBA diving
  • Performing Improv Comedy
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Video Games